Scene 5

5. června 2008 v 18:21 | HauntedGhostGirl |  xX.emo a scene.Xx
coming out to the next generation.
So here I am
Stomp To My Beat
For you and me nothing to do
Firery glaze, lose my will to stay
Genie in a bottle
It's forbidden
Piece of you in me
the summer of love.
You're a traitor to us all.
When the night is coming
Let's get loud
Be Good To Me
Voices, saosin.
Rage against the machine
Blue field
The String Quartet
To think about the girl you love
Liberi Fatali
90 days men
If you want to take this picture...
I was feeling like a champion in summer.
Even In Heaven They Have Flick Knives
Hey you reed

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