Scene 6

5. června 2008 v 18:21 | HauntedGhostGirl |  xX.emo a scene.Xx
You can't be like me
Traded them in for a better looking player.
The car accident.
How are you today, no ?
In your Bed, it move !
I don't Remember guys
Hollywood would be jealous.
Bleeding On The Floor.
How To Save A Life
What a Good Come Back?
You think you've got it all worked out.
Dividing the line.
I Like The Way U Move
Pleasently searching the weakness to your heart.
I'de rather hurt someone than hurt myself.
Welcome to loserville
And it's yet to be determined but the air is thick
Hahaha, Merci sa me renforce
Time is running out
When you'll come for me
Il était trop bien le concert vendredi à le marche gare =]
You'r perfect, just not for me
WouAAhhahAHHAAH!!!! Good Job And THANK!
Never forget who you really are
Going under Again
Kill me for your eyes
Don't tell me nothing
Redemption <3
We are the Lost, the Lost Forgotten
Honey Honey Love me Honey
If i Can trust you

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Jak se vam libi muj blog??

Super x)
Mno jde to

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